Studio One was established almost 20 years ago by creative individuals who shared a deep passion for cinema and media arts.

Today, the company is composed of Revathy, Sudha Varadarajan, and Alphonse Roy, whose diverse creative and corporate backgrounds bring a wealth of experience to the table. Amongst them they share a few national and state awards, a Prime Time Emmy Award and numerous awards in their respective creative fields.

For the past two decades, Studio One has produced an array of content, encompassing everything from feature films and documentary films to TV serials, advertising films, and multimedia sound and light shows.

Studio One's production for EduMedia - Red Building Where The Sun Sets - was awarded the National Award for Best Non-Feature film Family Values in 2012.

Our Team

The three principal partners of the company bring with them both creative and corporate experience with their varied backgrounds.

Revathy Asha

Actor & Director

Alphonse Roy


Sudha Varadarajan

Creative Producer

Sound & Light Show

Ross Island, Andaman - 2014

The Sound and Light show at Ross Island, Andaman explores the time when India rose up in arms against the British in 1857 - called the First War of Freedom. That’s when the British established the Penal Colony in the Andamans – to imprison the heroes of the uprising of 1857.

You will hear the sounds of the times when the British created an Administrative colony for the penal settlement at Ross Island.

You will see the stories of people who walked the same spaces that you sit on, years later. You will understand how people in the past struggled to make a better world for us, as we know it today.

Sound & Light Show

Ross Island, Andaman - 2014

Creatively this is the first time in India that 3D Mapping has been used to tell a story. The canvas has 3D mapping, 2D graphics and on site Light programming on the Visual side. On the Sound side the technology of Dolby 7.1 with Atmos has been merged to create a special format for this show and this is the first time in the world that the Dolby format is used in an outdoor locale to give an absolutely new and exciting Sound experience.

With the best Creative and Technical team one can get a fulfilling experience of the History of Ross Island that was once known as ‘PARIS of the EAST’.

Musical Fountain Show

Futala Lake, Nagpur - 2023

Asia’s largest floating Musical Fountain, built on Futala Lake, Nagpur. This is the only fountain situated on a natural lake/waterbody. This is a mesmerising and stunning display of water, sound, light and fire. The fountain is a work of art designed to create an immersive experience giving the audience an amazing visual extravaganza.

A dream project of Honourable Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, Shri Nitin Gadkari, this aims to put Nagpur city on the World Tourist Map.

Short Film

Red Building where the Sun sets - 2011

A little boy wanders alone on the roads of a bustling and dangerous city - looking for something, or someone. An unusual narrative introduces us to his family and to his predicament, and how at all odds, he is determined to stop the daily fights that he is witness to every day in his house.

This 18-minute short film won the National Award for the Best Family Value Film in the short film category in 2012.

  • Direction by Revathy
  • Cinematography by Alphonse Roy

The film was made for EduMedia. Studio One was the Executive Producer on this.

    TV Film

    Nivedita - 2008/9

Another Production for Prasar Bharathi (Doordarshan Kendra). This Telugu series was among the earliest AIDS awareness films to be made.

This series was made possible with funding from an American AIDS awareness NGO. Studio One was the Creative & Executive Producer on this series.

TV Series

Naanga Than Superstars - 2007

An anthology series for Star Vijay, on the upliftment of the girl child.

Episodes were directed by noted personalities.

  • Direction by Revathy
  • Direction by Rohini
  • Direction by Gnani
  • Direction by Mano Bala
  • Direction by Naga
  • Direction by Viduthalai

The series was funded by Nalanda Way, an NGO working with underprivileged children. Studio One was the Executive Producer on this series.

TV Film

Verukku Neer - 2005

A Tamil film was created for Doordarshan, Chennai. Based on the 1973 Sahitya Academy Award winning novel by Rajam Krishnan of the same name. Produced by Prasar Bharathi (Doordarshan Kendra), this series had an all woman crew.

  • Direction by Revathy
  • Dialogue & Screenplay By Rohini
  • Creative Production by Sudha Varadarajan
  • Cinematography by Preetha Jayaraman

Neofelis Nebulosa

London, United Kingdom

on TripAdvisor

I have seen many a show and exhibition about history is many places around the world but hands down this was the BEST light and sound performance I have ever seen.

Saubhadra C

New Delhi, India

on TripAdvisor

The island doesn't offer any great sight for tourists. There are some dilapidated ruins of British raj scattered over the island. But the best part of it is the 3D light and sound show on the history of island. This is far, far better than any light and sound show


South Andaman Island

on TripAdvisor

...and the best part is the light and sound show...better than cellular main light and sound show.

Kaushal Sumit

Kanpur, India

on TripAdvisor

Must watch evening light and sound show on ress island 1000 time better than cellular jail..


on TripAdvisor

Must do pilgrimage for all Indians. The best light and sound show I have ever seen. Motivating. Gives you goosebumps.


Chennai, India

on TripAdvisor

Lastly, the light and sound show is of a very high production value with lots of famous names working on it (like Gulzar, Shabana Azmi, Resul Pookutty etc). I felt it was much better than the one at Cellular Jail.